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The Bogey Hole, NSW, Australia

The Bogey Hole, NSW, Australia

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The Bogey Hole, also known as the Commandant's Baths, is a heritage-listed sea bath in Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. It is thought to be the oldest surviving European construction in the city area. The pool was hewn from a sandstone / conglomerate rock shelf at the base of cliffs near Shepherds Hill.

The pool has an average depth of 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) and its maximum dimensions are 10 by 6.5 metres (32.8 ft × 21.3 ft). The open side of the pool is fenced by stanchions and chains. Lieutenant-Colonel James Thomas Morisset, the Commandant of Newcastle (1818–23), ordered the construction of the pool by convict labour in about 1820 for his own use.

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